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Facilities Information Tools

for Campus Space Management

Facilities Information Management – Space

The Facilities Information Management (FIM) system, powered by IBM TRIRIGA software, is designed to help university leadership make strategic facilities and real estate decisions using improved business solutions that best serve the university and its constituents.

FIM Space Content

Trained users can access the FIM Space Management system for:

  • Building space inventories
  • Department space inventories
  • PI information
  • People/Contact information
  • Highlighted floor plans
  • Move management
  • Room/Space editing

Possible future enhancements include:

  • Key management
  • Provisioning
  • Mapping and GIS integration
  • Making research infrastructure visible in rooms (sinks, fume hoods, gas, hot/chilled water, etc.)

Using FIM Space

Other Facilities Information Resources

Facilities Information System

The Facilities Information System (FIS) contains project and technical drawings. Request FIS access or help.

FIS Content

  • Campus CAD maps
  • Project drawings
    • Technical As-Built/Record drawings (PDF)
    • Space management CAD library (download as .dwg, PDF)
  • Classroom attributes (media services support)
  • OSHPD information

Interactive Campus Map

UC San Diego's Visitor Map also features live shuttle information.

If you have questions about the visitor map, contact Diana Henderson, (858) 246-5756.

FIM Space Management Steering Group

  • VC Academic Affairs and VC Research: Tara Cameron, Director of Space Planning
  • VC Resource Management & Planning:
    • Robert Clossin, Director Campus Planning
    • Edward Polk, Principal Space Planner
    • Cristy Winter, Associate Director Capital Planning
  • UC San Diego Health: Mike Dayton, Sr. Director Facilities Planning & Management
  • VC Marine Sciences: Ken Hall, Director of Facilities Operations and Planning
  • VC Student Affairs: John Hughes, Sr. Director of Finance Facilities and Operations
  • VC and CFO:
    • Ted Johnson, BFS Associate Controller and Chief Procurement Officer
    • Patrick Hochstein, Director of Facilities and Building Services. Housing•Dining•Hospitality
    • Nilo Mia, Executive Director. BFS Controller
  • Chancellor’s Office and VC Advancement: Mercedes Munoz, Executive Director & Campus Treasurer
  • VC Health Sciences: Jeff Kaplan, Sr. Director Planning and Space Management


For more information about these tools, contact Kirk Belles, (858) 534-1035.