Featured Projects

Planning Phase

Design and Innovation Building

Design and Innovation Building render

This 75,000-square-foot collaborative workspace aims to encourage new ideas, products and services that contribute to UC San Diego’s entrepreneurial spirit. Specifically, the goal is to encourage more collaboration between the colleges of Engineering and Visual Arts, the Office of Innovation and Commercialization and the Alumni Association. This will be done via multipurpose building space that can be easily reconfigured for all sorts of programs, meetings and studio learning.

While the project will be physically attached to the current Structural Materials & Engineering building, it will operate independently. The project site is next to the new Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, which will connect UC San Diego to the larger community. When the LRT station is complete, the Design and Innovation Building will serve as an important piece of the gateway to the campus.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Christina Mannion, (858) 534-6119
  • Executive Design Professional: HOK Architects
  • Contractor: “TBD” until projects bid
  • Anticipated Completion: Spring 2021
  • Location: Sixth College Neighborhood

Engineering Interdisciplinary Building

Engineering Interdisciplinary Building

In an effort to meet the needs of its growing student population, the Jacobs School of Engineering is adding a free standing building that will feature 200,000 gross-square-feet of laboratories, classrooms, faculty offices, meeting space, an auditorium and café. The building will be designed to foster collaborations between various fields of research via shared laboratories and work areas.

The new construction will make room for more faculty, which will improve student-to-teacher ratio. The project site will also be connected to the university’s existing pedestrian paths and bike lanes, meaning a car won’t be necessary to access the building.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Mark Rowland, (858) 822-0725
  • Executive Design Professional: Perkins+Wills
  • Contractor: “TBD” until projects bid
  • Anticipated Completion: Summer 2021
  • Location: North Campus Neighborhood

Mesa Housing Pedestrian and Bike Bridge

Mesa Housing Pedestrian and Bike Bridge

This bridge will provide a much-needed connection between Mesa Housing and the Medical Center, while also encouraging walking and biking with significantly shorter, safer routes to almost every part of campus.  The bridge will span 465 linear feet and will feature a 10-foot-wide bike lane and a separate 6-foot-wide pedestrian walkway. The bridge will also cross over the environmentally sensitive Central Canyon to ensure there will be no permanent impacts to the nearby wetlands and surrounding natural environment.

The northwest end of the bridge will tie into the existing sidewalk at Medical Center Drive, providing direct connectivity to the new Gilman Drive Bridge. At the southeast end of bridge ramp, the pathway will connect to Miramar Street, allowing people to go east or west along Miramar Street at the housing complex.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Ross Kunishige, (858) 822-4841
  • Executive Design Professional: Kleinfelder
  • Contractor: N/A
  • Anticipated Completion: Winter 2019
  • Location: East Campus Neighborhood

Triton Pavilion for Student Resources and Community Engagement

The proposed Triton Pavilion for Student Resources and Community Engagement project at UC San Diego would redevelop two adjacent low-density parcels that encompass 3.3 acres at the center of campus to construct approximately 280,000 gross square feet (GSF) of new multi-purpose building space. The new building density would be consistent with the pedestrian-scaled, urban context of the neighborhood and would preserve view corridors for the campus’ most iconic building — the Geisel Library — which is located north of the project site.

The project density is based on urban design guidelines provided in the campus’ Physical Design Framework for the University Center Neighborhood. The two parcels are bisected by Myers Drive, which would also be improved to create a ride-share drop-off area and visitor tour vehicles at the center hub of the campus and to facilitate pedestrian circulation. The new facility would house student support and other community programs and services and create an arrival destination at the center of campus for students, prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors.

The project would include space for a variety of campus programs and services that possess compatible elements, including: student health and wellness, alumni and community engagement, UC San Diego Extension, international programs, campus support space, and retail space. The project would also provide approximately 300 underground parking spaces (approximately 200 net new spaces) to accommodate alumni, Extension students, wellness participants and visitors conducting short-term business in that area.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Brooke Sween-McGloin, (858) 246-2684
  • Executive Design Professional: “TBD” until projects bid
  • Contractor: “TBD” until projects bid
  • Anticipated Completion: Spring 2021
  • Location: University Center Neighborhood


Design Phase

North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood

North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood render

The North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood will be an exciting new addition to the UC San Diego campus. It represents a unique opportunity to plan, design and build a vibrant mixed-use community incorporating residential, academic and administrative space.

Located on the west campus between Muir and Marshall Colleges, the Living and Learning Neighborhood will also feature dining and retail space as well as parking. With plentiful open space and a pedestrian and bike-friendly layout, the new neighborhood will be a welcoming space for all who are there to live, learn, work or visit.

For details, visit livinglearning.ucsd.edu.

Project Details

  • Program Manager: Walter Kanzler, (858) 534-4094
  • Executive Design Professional: HKS in association with Safdie Rabines Architects
  • Contractor: Clark Construction
  • Anticipated Completion: Fall 2020
  • Location: West Campus Neighborhood

Nuevo East Student Housing

UC San Diego’s proposed Nuevo East Student Housing project would primarily serve single graduate and professional students in apartment-style housing. The project would be on nine acres and include approximately 1,414 beds in approximately 757 units of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. Apartment-style housing is flexible and, if needed, a portion of the new beds could temporarily be offered to upper division single undergraduates.

Because campus housing is significantly more affordable than off-campus housing, demand for campus housing continues to be at an all-time high. Campus graduate and professional housing’s total occupancy cost is projected to be approximately 30 percent lower than the surrounding private market.

The project would also include a student community center called the “Exchange” that would house residential and support services for residents of Nuevo East as well as for residents living in adjacent on-campus housing, including Mesa Nueva, Nuevo West and One Miramar Street Apartments. Twenty-two older housing buildings with 336 existing beds at north Mesa Housing and 224 surface parking spaces will be demolished to accomodate this project.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Dennis Brown, Project Manager, (858) 246-0185
  • Executive Design Professional: Mithun
  • Contractor: Hensel Phelps
  • Anticipated Completion: Winter 2020
  • Location: Mesa Housing Neighborhood

Voigt Parking Structure

The campus proposes construction of the Voigt Parking Structure on surface parking lot P503 which would provide approximately 840 parking spaces in the Warren College neighborhood adjacent to the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Over the past decade, the ongoing physical development of the campus has had significant impact on the demand for and availability of parking, especially in central areas. Construction of more than four million gross square feet of new instruction and research facilities and student housing addressed space deficiencies associated with historical enrollment growth. However, most of those new facilities were constructed on surface parking lots that were not replaced, significantly reducing the parking space inventory over time.

Even with tremendous progress made in recent years to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles entering campus and anticipation of reduced demand (10%) upon completion of Light Rail Transit service to campus, a critical need for additional parking options on the West Campus remains because parking occupancy during peak hours averages between 90 and 94 percent. Students, faculty and staff currently spend a significant amount of time looking for parking when the only available spaces are located more than a ten-minute walk from their offices or classrooms. Visitors have a similar experience but with the added disadvantage of not being familiar with the campus.

Project Details

Project Manager: Barbara Anderson, (858) 534-4907
Executive Design Professional: Studio E and Land Lab
Contractor: McCarthy
Anticipated Completion: Winter 2019
Location: North Campus / Warren College/ Jacobs School of Engineering

Construction Phase

Center for Novel Therapeutics

Center For Novel Therapeuticsrender

The Center for Novel Therapeutics (CNT) will promote creation of new, personalized therapeutics through research conducted by UC San Diego investigators and private sector collaborators in a shared space. The project seeks to unite necessary multidisciplinary expertise to discover new, more effective treatment, diagnostic and prevention interventions and shorten the time required to bring these new interventions to clinical trials.

Students and post-doctoral fellows will be trained in drug discovery, create shared resources and learning forums of mutual interest to academic and private sector scientists. The CNT will also facilitate transition of therapies ready and available for early human testing into the clinical arena through highly sophisticated clinical research resources at UC San Diego.

The 110,000 GSF project is envisioned as a three-story structure that would include a combination of 366 below-grade and surface parking spaces. The program includes wet and dry laboratories, bioengineering core facilities, research support spaces, clinical space, human subject assessment (but not patient care), lecture hall and offices.

Proximity to the Moores Cancer Center is required to facilitate use by clinicians and research subjects. The project also includes pedestrian and landscape improvements.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Kathy Lord
  • Executive Design Professional: Perkins + Will
  • Contractor: N/A
  • Anticipated Completion: Spring 2019
  • Location: East Campus Neighborhood – Science Research Park (map)

Nuevo West Graduate Student Housing

The Nuevo West Graduate Student Housing project will redevelop 6.2 acres of existing low-density apartments located in the north Mesa Housing neighborhood to provide 802 new beds for single graduate and professional students. The project will consist of two residential buildings, one 12-story high-rise and one 7-story mid-rise, and will contain a mix of studios, two-bedroom, four-bedroom and six-bedroom apartments for a total of 257 units. The project includes a 1,200 space parking structure and a separate small building for a neighborhood market.

Located within the 7-story mid-rise building, the project will also include approximately 82 beds and support and administrative space for the UC San Diego Health – La Jolla Family House. Similar to Bannister Family House at the Hillcrest Medical Center, the La Jolla Family House will provide accommodations for patients and patients’ families in need of immediate support while receiving medical treatment from UC San Diego Health in La Jolla.

The project will eliminate 214 existing surface parking spaces and require demolition of 50 two-bedroom apartments (100 beds). Because campus housing is significantly more affordable than off-campus housing, demand for campus housing is considered to be at an all-time high. The total occupancy cost for on-campus graduate student housing is forecasted to be approximately 30 percent lower than surrounding off-campus rates.

Project Details

Project Manager: Juli Smith, (858) 822-1527
Executive Design Professional: Mithun
Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Anticipated Completion: Fall 2019
Location: Mesa Housing Neighborhood

Osler Parking Structure

Osler Parking Structure render

Located at the corner of Gilman Drive and Osler Lane, the project proposes to build 1,200–1,400 parking spaces, replacing parking lot P604 (250 spaces) and adjacent to the Grove boundary. The parking structure will allow access from Gilman Drive, reducing traffic on Osler Lane.

Peak campus parking occupancy rates range from 94%–98%. The site was identified because several major campus destinations are within a 10-minute walk.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Dennis Brown, (858) 246-0185
  • Executive Design Professional: Gensler
  • Contractor: Swinerton
  • Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018
  • Location: School of Medicine Neighborhood (map)

Outpatient Pavilion

Outpatient Pavilion render

The Outpatient Pavilion aims to improve outpatient care by streamlining the resources and support needed to deliver quality care, all in one building.

The nearly 150,000 square-foot facility houses several programs and services, which thereby provides extended support to the Jacobs Medical Center. Specific program uses include ambulatory surgery, outpatient imagery, physical therapy and disease-specific clinics that focus on pain, urology, musculoskeletal care, breast health and infusion.

The new Outpatient Pavilion is being built on a 3.5 acre site on the La Jolla campus and is targeting a LEED Silver certification.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Rod Barker, (858) 822-1971
  • Executive Design Professional: CO Architects
  • Contractor: N/A
  • Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018
  • Location: East Campus Neighborhood (map)

Tata Hall for the Sciences

Tata Hall for the Sciences render

A new state-of-the-art building is under construction for students studying biological sciences and chemistry/biochemistry at UC San Diego. The 132,000-square-foot project will include eight new wet and dry laboratories designed to accommodate up to 24 students each.

The building will also feature several support spaces like equipment rooms, controlled temperature rooms, a satellite vivarium, procedure rooms, chemical storage rooms, tissue culture room and more.

Academic office space to support faculty and postdoctoral scholars providing instruction and research in the building are also part of the new construction, along with an auditorium and a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility.

Located in the campus’s Revelle College Neighborhood, the new Biological and Physical Sciences Building will provide opportunities for expanded research and teaching as well as opportunities for collaboration with chemistry and biochemistry when it opens in summer 2018.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Brad Phipps, (858) 534-7858
  • Executive Design Professional: CO Architects
  • Contractor: McCarthy
  • Anticipated Completion: Summer 2018
  • Project Location: Revelle College Neighborhood (map)

Recently Completed

Mesa Nueva Student Housing

Mesa Nueva Graduate and Professional Student Housing

Six new buildings, ranging in height from four and eight stories, plus a new multi-story parking structure will provide new housing on UC San Diego’s east campus in La Jolla for single graduate and professional students.

In total, the six buildings will add about 1,355 new beds to the campus inventory including approximately 250 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, as well as about 850 micro-apartments that are similar to studios and designed for single graduate and professional students, who comprise 97 percent of the wait list for campus housing.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Juli Smith, (858) 822-1527
  • Executive Design Professional: Mithun
  • Contractor: Hensel Phelps
  • Completed: Fall 2017
  • Location: Mesa Housing Neighborhood (map)