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Campus Planning oversees these policies:

  • Signage Policy: For greater effectiveness and design continuity of campus signage. Implementation of this policy is to be consistent with the Comprehensive Signage Program.
  • Policy on Temporary Buildings: Information with respect to the installation of temporary buildings, including trailers and modular buildings. Implementation of this policy is to be consistent with the Design Guidelines for Temporary Buildings.
  • Antenna and Dish Policy: To direct appropriate siting of wireless dish antenna equipment and facilities to provide enhanced telecommunications services to the campus, while reducing the visual impact of such facilities to the campus and surrounding community.
  • Special Uses for Undeveloped Lands: Includes those parcels of currently undeveloped land which are designated for future development. Lands within the UC San Diego Park are not considered undeveloped lands.
  • Regulations Concerning Skateboards and Skating Devices: Helps reduce the risk of accidents and to ensure a safe environment for the campus.
  • Regulations Concerning Bicycles: Conditions and regulations pertaining to the operation and parking of vehicles and bicycles upon university grounds.
  • Outdoor Lighting Policy: To reduce nighttime light pollution radiating from campus facilities to minimally acceptable levels so that local astronomical research is supported and advanced, while ensuring adequate lighting levels for safety and security. Implementation is to be consistent with the Outdoor Lighting Policy Design Guidelines.


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