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Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood

The proposed Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood (FCLLN) will be a vibrant mixed-use community on the west campus, south of Revelle College and adjacent to UC San Diego’s Theatre District.

The project, as outlined in the campus’s 2018 Long Range Development Plan, would be built on a 10.9-acre site and provide residential life and administrative space for a new college, with approximately 2,000 undergraduate beds, classrooms, an estimated 1,200 underground parking spaces, and conference and retail space. FCLLN would provide additional student housing to accommodate recent enrollment growth and contribute to UC San Diego’s ultimate goal of providing a four-year housing guarantee for all undergraduate and graduate students.

This proposed project presents a transformational opportunity for the campus to nurture a collaborative and interdisciplinary living and learning community. In building these types of facilities, the campus seeks to provide dynamic spaces that allow students to live, learn and play all in one location—without the need to travel off-campus.


Project Details

  • Project Manager: Dennis Brown(858) 246-0185
  • Phase: Planning
  • Executive Design Professional: : HKS & EYRC
  • Contractor: Kitchell
  • Anticipated Completion: Fall 2023
  • Location: West Campus Neighborhood (south of Revelle College – site map)

Planning Study

The UC San Diego South Gateway Planning Study evaluated a 38.6-acre area located at the western edge of the La Jolla campus. The study area is bordered by Revelle College to the north, North Torrey Pines Road to the west and La Jolla Village Drive to the south. Campus Planning conducted the planning study to determine how the district could be developed in support of a Future College. 

Housing and Administrative Space

The new Living and Learning Neighborhood will blend with the existing campus development and will provide:

  • Approximately 2,000 new beds, resident facilities and support space for undergraduate students
  • Residential life space for students and staff
  • Administrative space for the Future College provost and staff offices

Retail Space

This project would include approximately 33,000 square feet of retail space, making the neighborhood a campus and local community destination.

Open Space

Public realm improvements would include a large recreation area along the northern edge that would be shared with Revelle College, realignment of a portion of Scholars Drive South (campus loop road), and an extension of Ridge Walk to the southern campus boundary.


This project will include approximately 1,200 (360 net new) underground parking spaces to replace the 840 highly utilized displaced parking spaces spanning two surface lots bisected by Scholars Drive South. This also aligns with the 2018 Long Range Development Plan goal of providing parking facilities at the campus periphery that facilitates a more pedestrian-focused campus core.


UC San Diego is committed to meeting UC system-wide goals of achieving Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design (LEED) Silver Certification for all new buildings with Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood seeking to achieve a platinum rating. Learn more about UC San Diego's Green Building Program.


Before construction can begin, this proposed project must go through several stages of development including:

  1. Progressive Design/Build Competition: Up to three design/build teams will engage in a design competition. A UC San Diego selection committee consisting of staff, Building Advisory Committee members and Design Review Board members will select the winning design/build team.
  2. Pre-Design and Programming: Through a series of meetings with the Building Advisory Committee and project stakeholders, UC San Diego will develop the project program with the winning design build team.
  3. Design and Approvals Process: The winning team will develop the design, which will go through an extensive review and approval process.

Project Timeline

project timeline

Construction Impacts

UC San Diego will strive to lessen the impact of construction whenever possible and will continue to keep the community updated on these efforts.

Building Advisory Committee

The Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood Building Advisory Committee will oversee  development of specific project details. It will engage with project consultants and stakeholders and review and recommend academic facilities, undergraduate housing, amenities and support services to meet university needs. The committee includes:

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Robert Continetti, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
  • Hemlata Jhaveri, Executive Director, Housing, Dining & Hospitality, Co-Chair


  • Kate Antonovics, Acting Provost, Revelle College
  • Adrian Borsa, Assistant Professor, IGPP, SIO and CCCE Representative
  • Dennis Brown, Project Manager, Capital Program Management
  • Tara Cameron, Director Space Planning, Academic Affairs
  • Christina Della Coletta, Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities
  • Adrienne Gallo, Capital Planner, Campus Planning
  • Jeff Graham, Executive Director, Real Estate
  • Pat Hochstein, Associate Director, Housing, Dining & Hospitality
  • John Hughes, Senior Director, Student Affairs
  • Walt Kanzler, Senior Director of Design Services, Design Development Services
  • Josh Kavanagh, Director, Transportation Services
  • John Moore, Dean Undergraduate Education
  • Jana Severson, Director, Housing, Dining & Hospitality
  • Susan Sterner, Assistant Chancellor, Chancellor’s Office
  • Ginger Stout, Associate Planner, Campus Planning
  • Undergraduate Student Representatives: Stephanie Ellsworth and Erik Mumm
  • Associated Students Representative(s): TBD


Campus Planning and Capital Program Management will share information about development of the Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood with the campus community through open houses, town halls, meetings, campus notices, email and social media.

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