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What to Expect on Campus

The Planning, Design and Construction units are working to ensure that students, staff, faculty, patients and visitors can return to campus safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update this page so you have the most current information about projects that may affect your return to campus.

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Traffic Impacts

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Campus Projects

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Campus Transformation Projects

UC San Diego has several construction projects underway to transform the campus into a premier destination for students, patients, faculty, staff and the community. While this vision remains intact, the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to have serious effects across the world, in the State of California and on campus.

One step that the university is taking to respond effectively to economic changes is to pause some planned campus transformation projects temporarily. The goal is to be able to restart these projects quickly when circumstances have improved and the campus is in a stronger position to move forward. While some projects are on pause, many projects will proceed, largely because they are already under construction and funded, provide essential student housing and academic space or support health and safety on campus.

Pandemic Response Places Some Campus Transformation Projects on Pause

UC San Diego is executing a long-range development plan, with multiple construction projects underway. However, the COVID-19 pandemic response will pause some of these projects.

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UC San Diego Downtown rendering

Major Campus Projects in Construction through September 2020

Construction Site Operations

While UC San Diego always complies with safety requirements on all project sites, general contractors are obligated to maintain a safe jobsite as defined by regulatory requirements, insurance protocols and company procedures.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors are responsible for adhering to State of California Executive Orders, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines, County of San Diego Orders and the Construction Industry COVID-19 Exposure Response & Prevention Plan. In addition to typical construction site safety reporting at regular meetings, general contractors share COVID-19 safety implementation strategies and are responsible for reporting any COVID-19 positive tests to the university.

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