Space Planning

Office space

We provide a campus perspective towards balancing challenges and opportunities to effectively use campus space. We focus on administrative space and provide consulting services for movement across vice chancellor areas, while considering strategic campus space needs, the Capital Program, Long Range Development Plan, UC Climate Action Plan and logistic effects of ongoing projects.

We offer:

  • Campus space planning and consulting services
  • Facilities and space information
  • Space management floor plan updates (field measurement and corrections)
  • Visitor Map program support

Our goals:

  • Promote efficient space allocation.
  • Provide effective tools and services to support space analysis, allocation and management.

CAD Management and Services

  • Accurate space management floor plans for all UC San Diego facilities – Contact us to have our student drafting team ensure that your floor plans are accurate.
  • Library of technical CAD for building projects and campus infrastructure
  • Project CAD file compliance with UC San Diego CAD standards

For questions about project CAD files, campus CAD or campus CAD standards, contact Alejandro Lanchares, (858) 822-2759.

Space Planning Services

For details about campus space planning, contact Edward Polk, (858) 822-5161.

Space Information

Maps and Facilities

  • Annual Fall Survey – UC San Diego collects, validates and reports all campus department and room use assignments to University Office of the President each fall.
  • Facilities Information System (FIS) – buildings, maps, floor plans, room-by-room occupancy, record drawings, as-builts, campus maps, etc. (Anticipated to be replaced by Tririga in 2018).
  • Visitor Map – We’ve scrubbed the mapping information for buildings and several layers, established a Visitor Map team, and have begun to develop a campus community.

System Development

Space Planning is currently engaged with the following system and program development initiatives:

  • Campus Physical Addresses – creating physical addresses for UC San Diego buildings and coordinating business system implementation. Address information is currently under review by Campus Safety staff.
  • Tririga Development Project – Tririga software is being designed to sunset the FIS application in 2018. Currently, we are developing the Real Estate Pilot Phase. Space is anticipated to begin Fall 2017.

For details about maps, facilities or system development, contact Kirk Belles, (858) 534-1035.