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Construction Alerts

Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit Project through Fall 2021

  • New Construction: Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit Project (LRT)
  • Contractor: Mid-Coast Transit Constructors (MCTC)
  • Project Start: October 2016
  • Estimated Completion: Fall 2021
  • Location: The LRT extends northward from Old Town along existing railway lines. It crosses to the west side of I-5 just south of Nobel Drive with the first stop at the Veteran’s Hospital (VA Station) and continues north to the UCSD to the west campus stop (Pepper Canyon Station).  The Trolley crosses the over the I-5 to the east campus stop (Voigt Station) with the final stop at the Westfield UTC transit center
  • Brief Description: The Mid-Coast LRT will expand transportation in the I-5 corridor to accommodate existing and future travel during peak-period commute trips. The LRT will provide an effective campus-commuting alternative, reduce roadway congestion, improve public transit services, and better connect the Mid-Coast corridor with areas of San Diego County served by existing trolley routes.

Impacts to Streets, Parking Lots and Structures

Temporary Closures During Construction:

  • MCTC staging area will occupy portions of Warren Field, Pepper Canyon, Lyman Lane, Gilman Drive, Voigt Drive, Campus Point Drive and parking lots P701, P702 and P705.
  • Campus-wide alerts will be distributed to faculty, staff, and students when overnight closures to streets or building access is needed. Electronic signs will be posted in impacted areas, providing advanced notice to frequent travelers.

Intermittent Construction Delays

  • Electronic signs will be posted frequently with construction updates near impacted areas.
  • Flaggers will be present whenever construction vehicles affect traffic.

Franklin Antonio Hall Through February 2022

  • New Construction: Franklin Antonio Hall
  • Project Start: December 2019
  • Estimated Completion: February 2022
  • Location: Warren College Neighborhood in the existing P502 parking lot on Voigt Drive
  • Project Description: Franklin Antonio Hall

Impacts to Streets, Parking Lots and Structures

Parking lot P502 will close permanently. Voigt Drive and Equality Lane will remain open throughout construction.

Intermittent Construction Delays

Vehicular traffic can expect intermittent delays due to construction traffic entering and exiting the job site and ongoing road improvements.

All pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be diverted to the south side of Voigt Drive where sidewalks and bicycle lanes will remain open. Signs will identify detours and alternate routes and flaggers will be present during construction hours to direct traffic. Please proceed with caution when traveling in this area and allow additional travel time.

See Parking Alternatives for more information and transportation options during construction.