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Campus Plans

UC San Diego has a portfolio of plans that provides a framework for the growth and development of the campus.

Long Range Development Plan

The Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) is a general land use plan that guides the physical development of a campus. The La Jolla Campus 2018 LRDP was approved by the UC Regents in November 2018. The Hillcrest Campus 2019 LRDP was recently completed and is anticipated to be considered for approval by the UC Regents in November 2019. The LRDPs will enable the two campuses to continue planning in a thoughtful and sustainable manner.

Capital Improvements Plan

UC San Diego has a variety of projects underway or being planned. See our Current Projects

Physical Design Framework

1989 Master Plan Study

The Master Plan Study provides a basis for stewardship by defining qualities that are most critical to the campus' identity and its strength as an academic setting, and by suggesting ways in which they can be preserved and enhanced as the campus grows.

View the 1989 Master Plan Study (PDF)

Neighborhood Planning Studies

The 1989 Master Plan Study recommended that future campus planning should include urban design studies to guide development. The overarching principle described that "the campus should develop plans for each neighborhood to address patterns of building and development, buildable sites, program capacity for suggested sites, open space, building massing, and phasing strategy." As a result, neighborhood planning studies have been developed for most of the campus over the past 20 years.

Learn more about each neighborhood study (PDF files):

East Campus

Other Plans and Studies

Other plans and studies are prepared to provide refinements, design guidelines or implementation objectives for design professionals and campus administrators. These include (PDF files):


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