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Construction Process

All UC San Diego construction and renovation projects follow the same basic process, however, the project type, scale and budget determine which department will manage the project. Please review these criteria to determine how to initiate your construction project.

  • Submit a capital improvement project request if:
    • Your department is within the Health System
    • The total project cost is estimated to exceed $1 million
    • The project is a new building or a major renovation
  • Submit a minor capital project request with Facilities Management if:
    • The project is a renovation, renewal or repurpose of existing space estimated to cost $35,000–$1,000,000

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Project Lifecycle

Design & Development Services and Capital Program Management manage projects that exceed $1 million, including all Health System projects as well as new construction and major renovations.

Project Request

  • Client submits a project request to Design & Development Services (DDS) by submitting a capital improvement project request
  • Design & Development Services develops the Project Charter:
    • Establishes Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) project cost
    • Defines preliminary project scope
    • Evaluates project feasibility

Project Approval


  • Client participates in further development of the design to ensure functional and space needs are achieved.
    • Schematic Design:
      • Establish functional scope and space plans
      • Refine project target budget and schedule
    • Design Development:
      • Refine design concept in terms of architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural systems
      • Develop furniture and equipment specifications and budgets
      • Determine total project target budget and schedule
      • Process Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) and schedule
    • Construction Documentation: Produce working drawings, specifications and bidding documents

Agency/ Bidding

  • Client stays informed of the progress being made and ensures regular communication on project status with Vice Chancellor area representative.
    • Non-Medical Projects
      • Ensure design documents are reviewed and permitted by applicable agencies
      • Prequalify bidders
      • Conduct bidding
      • Award contract to successful bidder
    • Medical Projects


  • Client
    • Attends weekly Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) meetings
    • Communicates progress of scope, schedule and budget to designated Vice Chancellor area representative
    • Helps to coordinate furnishings and move-in process
    • Notify contractor to begin work
    • Monitor the project until construction is completed
    • Ensure inspections are performed during the course of construction
    • Issue Certificate of Substantial Completion and Certificate of Occupancy


  • Client directs move-in of equipment, operations and staff; patient move begins (if applicable).
    • Continue to work with contractor to resolve punchlist and warranty items
    • Conduct post-occupancy commissioning — removal of furniture, fixtures and equipment, cleaning and re-keying of vacated space